Daniel // Mason

Who is Daniel

Hello, I'm Daniel and I'm a software engineer!

I'd describe myself as a generalist, having worked across multiple industries and multiple languages. My specialist areas today are:

BUT! That's not why you should hire me.

I love technology but we don't build tech for tech's sake, we build it for and with people.

These are the skills I value the most


Throughout my career I've delivered a number of presentations and more recently, some of my more recent ones are here to see

Personal Interests

Hackathons, Game Jams and Coding Challenges

I try to take part in hackathons, game jams and other coding challenges when I can.

In 2023, I entered GMTK with Foil, 32bit Jam, collaborating with Ash Joseph, with Cosmic Booty, and I managed a personal best in Advent of Code. None of it won anything special but I am proud of all of it.

I'm also particularly proud of my 2022 GMTK entry Roll of the DiceR, so feel free to check that out 😅

Dungeons and Dragons

I love Table Top Role Playing Games, especially running the game as a Game Master (GM).

TTRPGs are a unique medium for collaborative story telling. While the GM might be using a prebuilt world and story, or even have come up with their own, reacting to the players decisions and adapting the story and the world to their actions is crucial.

In my opinion, a good GM is a lot like a good manager, helping people make the best use of their role, guiding everyone in the same direction, and making sure everyone involved feels the impact of their contribution.


Just for fun, I run my own kubernetes cluster of Raspberry Pis and NUCs that I use to run cloud services at home. This includes a variety of tools such as, a local DNS server, certificate manager, monitoring tools, NAS, GitLab Runners, Smart Home services and even game servers.