Daniel is a web developer, specialising in PHP back end development.

Skills include:

  1. PHP
  2. RESTful
  3. PhpUnit
  4. Behat
  5. Javascript
  6. Typescript
  7. React
  8. Redux
  9. Webpack
  10. Mocha
  11. Chai
  12. Sinon
  13. Karma
  14. PSR
  15. Composer
  16. Packagist
  17. MySql
  18. MariaDB
  19. Aurora
  20. Git
  21. GitHub
  22. GitLab
  23. GitLab CI
  24. AWS
  25. Docker
  26. Travis
  27. Jenkins
  28. Symfony
  29. Laravel
  30. Zend
  31. NPM
  32. Gulp
  33. Grunt
  34. Angular
  35. jQuery
  36. HTML5
  37. CSS3

You can see examples of his work, new and old, on GitHub, though his best projects are described below.

Aye Aye

Aye Aye - Api PHP >= 5.5 License: MIT Version Build Status

Aye Aye - Formatters PHP >= 5.5 License: MIT Version Build Status

Aye Aye Api is a PHP framework for building RESTful APIs. It was designed around the idea that modern frameworks, while providing many useful features, do not actually help developers develop.

Aye Aye Formatters provide a way to turn serialized data of various formats into php objects, and to turn php objects into serialized formatted data. Serialization can be selected based on a value (such as an 'Accept:' header) allowing clients to choose how data is served to them.

Aye Aye is small, very easy to use, and handles all of the communication between the server and the client, allowing the client to choose what format data should be returned to them in, and how they would prefer to send data in the first place. Developers need only describe the data they expect through method definition and appropriate PHP DocBlocks, returning data in any way they see fit (string, object, array, Generator, etc).


Masonry PHP >= 5.5 License: MIT Version Build Status

Masonry Register PHP >= 5.5 License: MIT Version Build Status

Masonry is a tool for managing tasks, and was designed to fulfil two main roles.

As with Aye Aye, Masonry was born out of a feeling that modern frameworks for these kinds of tasks, at least in PHP, were not as helpful to developers as they could be.

Masonry provides a Composer plugin that allows easy registry of new modules, providing exceedingly easy extensibility.